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About J&M

How We Got Here

We started selling online in 2003 on eBay. We have been working with Amazon in the past year to expand our reach and try to increase sales. Recently we have become aware of the demand to offer a place were customers with the same moral and ethical convictions could go where they knew who was getting the profits from the sales and the character of the company they were dealing with.  In realizing this, we have decided to start the process of removing ourselves from these places and solely sell on our own website.  By no means do we have the connections that these major marketplaces have, but we have various distributors and manufacturers that we can utilize to get you what you need.  At the beginning you will see a mix of our eBay, Amazon, and Mercari inventory, everything that we source after the start of this site will be what you all ask for.  We specialize in custom handmade items from custom apparel and handmade sewing items to our 3d printing service. We also offer retail items as well like toys for children big and small. We will do our best to source and offer for sale the best products at the best prices. Please keep in mind that we are a small "Mom and Pop" and can't always get the "deals" that companies get when they purchase truck loads of a single product.

Packing Services
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